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Tips on writing good content for your website

Published: 4 years, 5 months, 8 hours, 24 minutes    
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There are a couple of key things to know before you start writing the content for your website. Keeping these in mind will help ensure your visitors get more from your site and increase your search engine exposure.

Use "Key" Words in your content

If you want to attract visitors from Google, you need to keep in mind what people might be trying to type into Google in order to find your page.

This means, if you're a business which sells Cup Cakes, you might write something like this:

Our shop is a small, boutique bakery specialising in several varieties of cakes.

Whereas this is better:

Our Cup Cake bakery is a small, boutique cup cake bakery which specialises in cup cakes and a variety of other delicious baked goods.

For a person who is searching Google for "cup cakes", this second example reinforces how much your business has to do with "cup cakes" whereas the first example neglects to mention your key product at all.

Keep your headlines punchy and meaningful

As many people who visit your website will "scan" your page rather than "read" it entirely, it changes the way you need to write content for your site.

To combat this, we suggest breaking your content up into "sub sections" which use headings to entice the person "scanning" the page to stop and read the content below.

When thinking of your headings, try to think about something that will appeal to the reader rather than going with the first thing that comes into your head.

Using the Cup Cake example again, we have provided two examples of headings which could be used to entice someone to read about the "history' of the business.

Example 1: Our History

Example 2: Why Our Cakes Are So Delicious

Using the examples above, you can see the Example 1 is straight to the point - but boring. As a Cup Cake lover though, Example 2 is much more likely to convince you to read it. You can then go on to explain that your Cup Cakes are so delicious because the recipe has been in your family for years, etc, etc... justifying the headline and directing the topic onto the history of the business.

Keep your links short and to the point

When people create links to other pages, there is an incentive from the author to "instruct" the visitor about how to use the link. As a result, we end with something like this:

To download our Cup Cake recipes, click here.

Whereas something like this would be much better:

Download our Cup Cake recipes

Whilst this second example is more direct, uses less words and reads a little more nicely, the best thing about it is that you can then place the link on "cup cake recipes". This means when Google visits your website, it will understand that the link points to something about "cup cake recipes" rather than something about "click here" (whatever that is).


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