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Do you need a “mobile” website?

Published: 3 years, 3 months, 4 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes ago    
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Every website should work well on mobile devices but should you have a special version of your website which is designed specifically for the small screen?

A few things to consider

You haven't been left behind

In 2012 only 10% of websites offered a special version for mobile devices (source: http://goo.gl/yHvUH). Have a look at your competition - do they have mobile sites? If not, maybe your market sector isn't demanding the convenience of a mobile optimised website yet.

How hard is it to use your site on a mobile?

To evaluate this, set yourself a couple of tasks that your customers might be trying to do. Things like "finding a phone number" to call you, working out "where you're located" or identifying whether you offer a particular service. Keep in mind, people don't use their mobiles for long browsing periods. They want basic information and if they're keen to find out more (or put through an order) they'll normally end up doing so from a tablet or desktop PC later when they can look through things properly.

A mobile website shouldn't be a full website

Keeping in mind the last point, doing a direct conversion of your website from desktop to mobile can be as inaffective as not serving a dedicated mobile solution. Your mobile site should make things fast and easy for people. This means avoiding long passages of text and providing easy cues for people to contact you.

How many mobile visitors is your website currently serving

There is a lot of press about iPhone and Android phones which can make it sound like people don't even use conventional computers anymore. Whilst it's true that mobile traffic on the Internet is increasing and Australia has one of the largest markets in the world for mobiles and tablets, we still see the majority of service based websites with mobile traffic (tablets and phones) of 20% and below. Demographics, marketing and core services all affect this but the moral of the story is, don't spend 50% of your website budget on only 20% of your audience. Try to make a wiser decision and look into whether the trends are there before investing in this sort of technology.

A good mobile website takes planning and will cost more

Whilst anyone can hack together a mobile website, it's only worth while doing if the site is going to be useful to your customers. This means working out what mobile users want, how to make it fast and easy for them to use and what we can leave out to avoid really long pages.

A final thought

It's important to remember that when Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, they proudly boasted how well their new phone loads websites, providing an example of reading the New York Times online. The excellent online experience delivered by the iPhone is one of the key reasons for it's success and has seen just about every other phone company in the world copy it. So whilst dedicated mobile websites can be effective, a well built website which takes into consideration all devices (desktops, tablets and mobiles) can still be a very effective solution and may be all you need.

Don't care, still want a dedicated mobile website?

Great, give us a call (08) 8362 5688. Or check out some of our recent mobile sites below (on your mobile device):

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