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Do you need a “mobile” website?

…Every website should work well on mobile devices but should you have a special version of your website which is design

Design by Editor or Design by Committee?

…A question rarely asked but despite this, can affect the final result of a project. We look at what each of these approaches are and weigh up the benefits.

How to compete with a small budget website

…websites for a monthly fee around $30. There's a lock in contract of 6 months but even then we're talking about a 3 page website for less than $200. So what's the catch?

Thinking about starting a new business?

…After a few cups of coffee inspiration strikes and you've even got a business name, hand sketches of your logo and a few ideas about how your new office will look. All you need now is someone to craft you a beautiful logo and whiz you up a web

Want to start selling online?

…E-Commerce isn't a new thing anymore; it's been around for years and has greatly matured since the early days. Despite this, many businesses are slow to introduce online sales to their business strategy and one of the reasons for this is a lack of understanding of what's involved. To help…

2011 Round Up

…It's been a big year at Blis and we couldn't have done it without the support of our fantastic clients. We've outlined a full run down on everything that's happened for us this year...

How to choose a CMS for your business (part 1)

…website, selecting the right CMS (Content Management System) to drive your website is going to be one of the most important decisions you'll need to make. In this multi part series, we'll discuss what a CMS is and how to choose the right one for you.

How to Cook Up a Website for a MasterChef Finalist

…designers, as the two of them started to scratch out a brief for his new website. Last night as the two part final went to air on Australian television, we launched Michael's website and thought we'd share a bit about how it all came together.

Should you get a friend to help you build a website?

…website, almost everyone discovers a friend, family member or colleague who expresses an interest in doing it for you. Initially this sounds great but as time goes by you start to realise the old saying rings true; you get what you pay for. We thought we'd have a look at…

Website Hosting - What You Need To Know

…website online you need two things; a domain name and website hosting. Web hosting however can be a baffling thing for new website owners so we've stopped to have a look at some of the aspects you'll need to consider.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Website

…website but often don't know much about what is involved.

NineMSN is getting a new web design

…design is currently online for you to preview and we want to know what you think.

How Google Works

…A very brief explanation of how Google decides what happens to your web

Should your business update it’s own site using Dreamweaver?

…website however do you even need a CMS if you know how to use Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adding Video to your Website

…An overview of the latest video addons for ExpressionEngine and what's involved with getting video on your web

Search Engine Optimisation

…web developers with an excellent Google Search Engine rank we often are asked how do we get onto the first page of Google. There are many ways of approaching this, but we always say to our clients as a starting point, content is your number one priority. Provide high-quality content…

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