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ExpressionEngine is an enterprise level CMS (Content Management System) which has been chosen by several Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Ford, Nike, Nokia and Sony) to power a number of their online projects. ExpressionEngine is a multi-user CMS which is passionately supported by it's developers EllisLabs and being a modular system, it is extremely flexible, allowing it to scale to fit just about any project. 

Here is how ExpressionEngine's developers; EllisLabs describe the versatility of their CMS:

ExpressionEngine doesn't force you to work a certain way or impose limitations on your site design, structure, or content. Its flexibility allows you to build a website that not only fulfills your needs and creative vision today, but will grow and scale as your business needs change in the future. 

Blis Web Agency has an extensive background in working with ExpressionEngine. We are ExpressionEngine ProNet members and have used the CMS to power websites, iPhone apps and multi-media systems for over thirty Adelaide organisations including The Adelaide City Council, State Swim, The Marina Hindmarsh Island and The South Australian Government.

Never Used ExpressionEngine? Here's Your Chance!

Test drive the ExpressionEngine 2.1 demo

Username: demo
Password: password


 We're in the process of updating how we manage our ExpressionEngine addons online. For now you can find some of our previous ExpressionEngine 1.6/7 addons on Devot:ee or click through to our temporary addons page.

Coming Soon: Picnik for ExpressionEngine 2, Make Link for ExpressionEngine 2 and Holding Page for ExpressionEngine 2

Git: Check out our Repo

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