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The Web Design Process

We aim to ensure that the website development process is as straight forward as possible.  With the use of well developed and recognised software in addition with latest web techniques and extensive experience, Blis provides a streamlined process that delivers an outcome that meets your expectations and delivers your project on time and on budget. 

Throughout the process you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to make refinements and approve designs and features before they are implemented, meaning control stays with you:

1. Planning

We learn about your business,  work with you to identify requirements  and establish the key objectives of your website.  We then recommend solutions to ensure your website achieves these goals.

Our service solutions include:

  • domain registration
  • website hosting
  • website design
  • website development
    • brochure websites
    • content management systems (CMS)
    • e-Commerce websites
  • search engine optimisation
  • ongoing website maintenance
  • email marketing

Blis provides an integrated online solution for your business, ensuring a positive business outcome and achievement of your online goals through a well planned and cost effective online marketing mix.

2. Design

Design - we develop a design ‘look and feel' concept for your approval that reflects your brand identity and requirements.

When producing your website, Blis will ensure that it:

  • Reflects you logo, brand and market positioning
  • Is easy to navigate and use and quick to load
  • Is created to allow continual growth of your website, as your business and needs expand over time
  • Can be built to reinforce and support other business marketing activities
  • Is optimised for search engines through correct construction of website elements
  • Is accessible and can be viewed correctly in a variety of standards compliant web browsers

3. Development

Development - we build your website based on the project brief and design concept, using the latest web techniques and ensuring inclusion all of the  features of a Blis designed website

Blis websites are developed in adherence to industry standard guidelines.  Specifically, Blis websites feature:

  • Cross website browser compatibility (such as Internet Explorer and Firefox)
  • HTML 5
  • Cascading Style Sheets 3
  • Adherence to W3C Accessibility Guidelines
  • Validation of code to W3C standards

Your Blis website will include a number of features that optimise your website for easy access and viewing.  These include:

  • Website designed to 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • A favicon (a small icon, such as your logo, that is used by browsers to identify a website) for display in URL address bar
  • Search engine optimised content
  • Mobile friendly for iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)

4. Launch

Prior to website launch you will be given access to a secure testing area that will allow you to use and fully test your website before it is launched online.  This provides the opportunity to request refinements before your website is officially launched to the public.

Final Launch after testing and your approval of the entire website, we will launch the website online.

5. Post Launch

Minor adjustments to the website are included at no charge for up to two weeks after your website has been launched (up to a maximum of 2 hours).  This means that if something is missed during the review process and your require minor modifications you can be assured that it can be done quickly and at no additional cost.

In short, we ensure that the process is blis-ful from start to finish!

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